ETL at the 3rd International Conference of Energy Research and Social Science

20-23th of June marked the 3rd International Conference of Energy Research and Social Science: Energy & Climate Transformations. TU Delft was represented by a handful of researchers spread across different faculties. Mylène and Sabine talk about their experience at the conference.

Mylène van der Koogh

Oral presentation: “Stakeholder prioritizations for electric vehicle charging across time periods”

Who are you?

My name is Mylène, I am a 3rd year PhD student at TBM-ESS and a researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My topic of interest is electric vehicle charging infrastructure, with a focus on policy and behaviour.

What kind of work did you present at the conference?

I presented a stakeholder analysis on the future development of charging infrastructure, which included a timeline of stakeholder priorities, as well as three identified future directions based on their inputs. I ended with a concluding statement, weighing the benefits and concerns of following these priorities. Because I was still writing the paper, I asked my audience to discuss my concluding statements together and to share their work with me if relevant. The paper is not published yet, but the presentation can be found here.

What was your experience presenting at the conference?

I was scheduled to present on the third day of the conference. In the first two days, I learned that there was a special focus on energy justice in general, as well as the sexist and colonial roots of energy injustices. I also differed from most sessions in the sense that most presented research was fundamental in nature, whereas mine is applied. This made me curious about how and if my topic would resonate with others. After my session, however, I learned that I had nothing to worry about. There were many people interested in the mobility aspect of the energy transition, however, most of them were in poster sessions which I did not fully attend because the poster area was very crowded. I noticed that by being vulnerable and inviting others to participate in my “conclusion process”, I was able to network with the part of the audience that works on related topics, and this has led to interesting discussions and great feedback that I otherwise would not have received.

Sabine Pelka

Oral Presentation:  “Digitize me but don’t share my consumption data – dilemma’s of consumer acceptance of digital solutions for demand response “ 

Who are you?

I am a PhD researcher supervised by TU Delft and employed by the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI. In my PhD, I am researching how to facilitate the participation of households in the energy system.

What did you present at the conference?

We explored in a vignette survey experiment (N=1.116) the ambiguous attitudes of households towards digital demand respond services. When they choose a demand response service, households need to balance four attributes: control they give up, effort they invest, data privacy, and energy cost savings. Households seem to be most willing to compromise on the data privacy – especially males. Energy cost savings are of major importance for the participants.

What was your experience presenting at the conference?

Pure excitement – especially when I realized that my panels was hosted in the largest conference rooms, in which also the opening ceremony took place. In the end, we received valuable feedback and made some interesting contacts. It was a great platform for people coming from different disciplines but all researching the socio-technical aspects of the energy systems.

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